Fabulous Friday means luxe inspiration😘👑

Morning Beauties

Today my blog is all about high end luxury lifestyle. Now before you go I can’t afford this. It’s not about showing you things out of your reach but rather about inspiring you to want to achieve more.

I’m not associating expensive with living. I am merely showing you what you can spend your hard earn money on if you feel to. It’s about living out your dream, whatever that is. I love shiny, chic,luxury items. Many are way out of my budget but they inspire me to want to work hard, to gain more of the things I love.

Sometimes you have to save for that one item you love as often that item if looked after will last a lifetime. It’s an investment in you and what you love, so don’t over think it. Do it for you and no one else.

It’s not about “keeping up with The Jones” but more about enjoyment from hard work. You reap what you sow and if you are working like an Ox then you should have the pleasure of laying back and reaping the rewards of that work.

So enjoy your weekend. Live out your wildest dreams and live without regret, everything that happens is a lesson, pass the class and move forward.

Loving you, loving me xoxo😍👍👏👌